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Basic concepts:

Buyer Agreement - all of the terms and conditions set forth in this document in relation to online purchases;
BUYER - an individual or legal entity who orders / receives goods and services listed on the portal using the technical capabilities provided by the deltaplus.az online platform and through an electronic payment, and also agrees to the terms of this "Return and Exchange Agreement" ;
SELLER - an individual or legal entity that sells its goods / services on the Internet on its own deltaplus.az portal and determines the terms of sale and delivery;
PORTAL - the website "www.deltaplus.az" owned by "Delta Plus LTD" LLC, which is the center of online trade in goods and services;
GOODS (S) / SERVICE (S) - any goods, services, materials, items and other materials, and goods posted on the PORTAL;
ORDER - To receive goods / services from the Portal for delivery to the address indicated by the Buyer, fill out the appropriate form available on the Portal and send it to the SELLER in electronic form.
REFUND - The Buyer returns the amount paid by presenting the GOODS / SERVICES (SERVICES) received from the PORTAL to the SELLER.
CHANGE - The Buyer receives other GOODS (SERVICES) / SERVICES (SERVICES) from the PORTAL in exchange for the provision of GOODS (SERVICES) / SERVICES (SERVICES) TO THE SELLER.

Special conditions

1. The subject of the Agreement is the ability of the BUYER to buy, return, exchange and otherwise use the goods / services displayed on the PORTAL for personal and other purposes. The terms of this Agreement apply to all goods and services currently sold on the PORTAL.
2. The terms for the return and change of goods / services sold on the PORTAL are regulated by Article 15 of the current Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
3. The BUYER ordering goods through the PORTAL declares that he fully agrees with the terms of this CONTRACT.
4. The SELLER may change the conditions of the purchase, without notifying anyone before making the purchase.
5. The purchase is considered completed if the BUYER has paid the cost of goods / services in any form (online / in cash) in exchange for a cash receipt or other document confirming the purchase.
6. By filling out the order form on the PORTAL, the BUYER does not object to the use of contact information by the SELLER. This includes sending various discount companies and other relevant information to ALICI in the future.
7. The BUYER will not object to the transfer by the SELLER of his obligations to third parties on the order, and the SELLER shall be liable for the actions of third parties in connection with the order that go beyond the scope of this AGREEMENT.
8. The BUYER can use the services of the PORTAL at any time of the day, month, year, except for the days of technical and preventive maintenance, force majeure on the page "www.deltaplus.az". If the BUYER suffers damage due to the suspension of the PORTAL at any time for reasons beyond the control of the PORTAL, as well as due to the inability of the SELLER to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, the SELLER shall not be liable.
9. Images of goods intended for sale on the PORTAL are illustrative and cannot be 100% identical to the purchased goods. If there is a significant gap in the information, the BUYER may send a written request to the PORTAL.
10. If, despite appearing on the PORTAL, the ordered goods are not in the SELLER's warehouse, the SELLER shall cancel the order by notifying the BUYER as soon as possible. If any real damage is caused to the BUYER as a result of the cancellation of the order, the SELLER shall not be liable for this.
11. After placing the order, depending on the remoteness of the BUYER's address, the SELLER informs the BUYER about the date, time and other conditions of delivery of the order.
12. Exchange and return are made only in the presence of the person specified in the documents in the Delta Plus LTD chain of stores. Exchanges and returns are not included in the courier service.
13. The BUYER may submit its complaints regarding the order, return, exchange, delivery or other problems electronically to the email address info@deltaplus.az belonging to the SELLER.
14. All disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including its interpretation, performance, termination and invalidity, shall be resolved primarily through honest and amicable negotiations between the parties. If such a dispute is not resolved between the Parties within 5 working days, then the dispute is subject to resolution in the relevant courts of the Azerbaijan Republic.